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October 14, 2018

Sign up for a Charles Schwab High Interest Checking Account and Brokerage Trading Account and receive a free $100. Both accounts are free to open and do not require a deposit when linked together.  Allow 45 business days for account to be funded with $100.

Click Here For Application

On the right side you'll see "Ready to get started?" click right below it on the button that says "Open an account". You'll see a list of different Charles Schwab accounts, the one you want to click is the very last one that says "+ Schwab Bank Checking Account from Schwab Bank. Linked to a Schwab One brokerage account".
Side Note: Credit Check is done when opening account (hard pull)

Some of the perks to having a Charles Schwab High Interest Checking Account:

Yes, you read that correctly... NO monthly service fees and NO account minimum. Unlimited rebates from any ATM means you can withdraw money from any ATM and Charles Schwab will cover the withdraw fee.

Last but not least, you get .35% interest and no foreign transaction fees when you use your card out of the country!

If you are not familiar with stocks I would leave your trading account alone. For those who have an understanding of stocks you may refer others to Charles Schwab for free trades (otherwise $5 per trade). Another golden nugget that we will speak about in future post is that having a brokerage account qualifies you for Charle Schwab Amex credit card (the only card you can transfer points into cash).

If you have any questions, leave them below in the comment section.
You can also verify that you've completed everything necessary to receive your $100 with Charles Schwab customer service: (866) 855-9102

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